10 Myths Your Parents Told You At Your 20s But They’re False

10 Myths Your Parents Told You At Your 20s But They're False

 What myths do you most commonly realize are false in your twenties

Myth is a narrative set by people that is wrong and unethical. People highly believe in that narrative and create unfair practices. The myths can affect your life when they become the talk of the town, and everyone follows them as genuine beliefs. In your twenties, there are many superstitions, however, later on, people find examples and prove them wrong and worse for a healthy environment. There are some examples of myths that were wrong and unethical in your twenties.

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Education from an institute guarantees a decent job

In the twenties, you believe that if you are getting an education from a well-known institution you can effortlessly get a job that will offer you a handsome salary and bounce.

You highly believe that a degree in a specific subject can lead you towards success, but you have come to know that degree or institution does not matter, the important thing is your skill, its quality, and your Experience in your specialization field.      

You can observe many great celebrities and scientists who did not have any proper degree from a college or university but they earned the name due to their knowledge and skill.

One example of such a person is Michael Faraday, a well-known English scientist. He brought the concept of electromagnetism. The enthralling thing is that he had no certified education.

Partner is necessary to live a happy life

People believe that life is a fairytale. Life is complete when a prince finds a princess and becomes happy. Life is not a fairytale: you have to face a lot of troubles. But now you learn that you can live a happy life without a family and partner.

You come to know that the status or age of your spouse does not matter, the important thing is the mental level and mutual understanding. When you have a mutual understanding you can survive in any condition. When your mentality does not match your spouse it is better to leave him or her. In the twenty-first century, this myth becomes false; and you become state forward and learn to live a happy life without family.

Luxuries are better than peace of mind

Usually, you think that Luxuries give comfort to you. A car can make your journey convenient, calm, and peaceful but does not make it beautiful. A valuable bed can provide a cozy sleep to you but not a peaceful deep sleep. You can enjoy your life without luxuries. Luxuries can not make your life free from troubles and difficulties. This myth becomes wrong that people set such examples that they can lead a happy life without indulgences.

Age brings experience 

Your age is not a scale to judge your learning and experience ability. Your experience scale depends on your work. If you work adequately you get more experience than a senior who does not work more even when you are a teenager. Your experience depends on your way of learning and your practice for a particular skill.

Failures are worst

Failure is never the worst. Even downfall makes you strong and brave. You can take positive energy from your defeats and learn from your mistakes. Failures bring new lessons and opportunities for you to learn more: and you can succeed. Abraham Lincoln was the well-known and progressive president of America. You will be surprised that he failed in his many efforts. He was defeated many times in contested elections but never lost hope, and the day came when he was the 17th president of the united state of America. It was his failure that motivated him to struggle more.

You are the best if everybody respects

You thought in your twenties, that when everyone around you appreciates and admires you, you are doing well and the right thing. you do not follow those things that are not popular among other people. You do not need to become the apple of the eye for everyone because everyone has a unique ideology and way of life. Everyone judges you according to his point of view. The myth to make everyone happy becomes false. It is a time when you do those things that not everyone in the town does.

Thunder light hit once at a place

The dangerous myth in your twenties was that light from the thunder never hit the ground twice. Now it becomes false because this myth was highly false and hilarious. After all, light can hit a place many times, and you may harm yourself.

Psychological disorders 

You think that you can never live a happy life if you are mentally ill. You thought a person who is doing odd things: there are some horrible evils, ghosts or vampires were bothering him to do these things. It was a false notion that you thought at that time.

In this era of modernity, you most commonly realize that they are suffering from any type of mental disorder and do annoying things. With time scientists study different aspects of human behaviors and researchers prove that psychological disorders can affect your mental and physical way of behavior.

There is no age limit to get the education 

In your twenties, you thought that you learn only in the early years of your age and you can not perform your educational activities at an older age, but it proved now there is no age limit for learning. You can get your education during any part of your life. Anthony Brutto is a person who completed his degree at the age of ninety-four.


Myths are not always genuine, do not follow every myth to get success in your life. Believe in yourself and work hard. You can do anything in life if you have a strong determination. You can prove a myth false. Do not follow myths if you are not mentally satisfied with them.


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