What is something you will never understand?

Everyone has to suffer from different types of challenging situations. Suppose you are suffering from a headache and your friend is suffering from nausea. You both do not understand each other’s feelings. You can only understand each other’s situations when you experience them. There are such things a normal and calm person can never understand. These things make you annoyed and a bit confused. There are a lot of things probably you will never understand. It does not mean that these are some riddles that you can never understand, these are only some social facts that you have to face in your life but do not understand.

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Why you feel alone and sad

You came into this world alone and you will have to go from this world alone one day. You have only biological relatives when you are born. With the time you grow old you make relations with your favorite and lovely people. But a feeling of loneliness lies inside you. You are alone with your death. Sometimes loneliness that lies inside you builds pressure on your mind and body and you become unescorted and solo. Your mind isolation makes you feel uncomfortable and solitary even if you are in a crowd or among your siblings. You always try to find the reason behind your loneliness.

reasons you lost your partner

You will never realize when you always love your partner and you fulfil all his needs but he leaves you without any reason. When anyone commits to you that he or she will live his or her whole life with you. Both you and your partner promise that you will stand with each other in good and worst times. You love your spouse more than anything in the universe. When your partner leaves you, you become mentally disturbed but you never understand the reason and what was your fault he left you.

Why People sacrifice for those how don’t care about them

In your surroundings, you observed that one person loves his partner but his partner does not take care of him. When his partner ignores him he doesn’t mind and pays more attention to him. You will never understand while one person continuously disregards him and in return, he always pays attention to him.

Why people irritate each other without any reason

When you study at your school you friends bully you without any logic. They teased and made fun of you in front of the whole school. It was of no use to them. They did all this on purpose. Sometimes they wish that you cry aloud and become cowardly in front of them. They bragged that they are the best. You still don’t understand why they did all this.

Why everyone does not mind their own business

You want no one to disturb you when you are doing work. You observe when you are doing something after seeing to do many people also inquire about what you are doing. Everyone in the town will give you advice and waste your time. You may wonder why everyone interrupts you. You will never find the reason why everyone does not mind his own business and advise you without any reason. You will never understand why people interrupt and advise you when you never ask them anything.

Why people do crimes by knowing the laws

You have perceived in your environment that the number of crimes is increasing day by day. Criminals know that the law forces will punish them, but they do not stop committing crimes. You will always wonder why criminals do wrong things knowingly but you will not conclude.

Why new generation do not obey their elders

You noticed that when parents advise their young children. Instead of acting on it, they tell them that you do not know anything. Now times have changed. You will never understand why they say this to their parents. Times have changed but the human mind and emotions are the same there is no change in human development and emotions. In this era of modernity, humans also become sad in sorrows. When happiness comes, they feel happy.


Luxuries never bring pleasure

Suppose you are a poor person and cannot buy a cheese pizza. You feel that how lucky the rich people are they can buy everything that they want. You always wish that if you become rich and buy everything you want you will be happy. But you never understand money is not a source of happiness. You can not buy happiness with money.

Some people always rude

You observed that some of your siblings are always rude and annoyed. They do not want to talk with anyone. They like to live alone. When someone treats them with good manners, they continue to show immorality. They are not happy under any circumstances. They consider it their right to criticize everyone. You will never understand why they show irritating behavior to annoy everyone.

How psychic patient feel

You will never understand feeling of a person suffering from psychological disorder. Why is that person so bored with the world? You always want to understand such a person, but you never understand.


There are a lot of conditions in this huge world you never understand. Many good and bad times come to you but, you do not understand them. You can never understand how someone is feeling inwardly. Do not worry about those things that you never understand. In this life of the world, you have to live happily without understanding many things. Forget what you don’t understand.

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