12 Warning Signs of Gas Lighting in Your Relationship

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12 Warning Signs of Gas Lighting in Your Relationship

12 Warning Signs of Gas Lighting in Your Relationship

Gaslighting is a process-based implementation that can make the victim go crazy. Yes, it has implications that are far beyond the scope of normal imagination. It can be a constant scene of horror for the victim and the problem triples when a victim is unknown to “gas-lighting”.

What is Gas-Lighting?

Gas-lighting is an illusion of reality (fake reality) portrayed by a person who continuously builds a false narrative using various methods mentioned below. This process makes the victim slowly slide into a state of self-doubt where they question their reality.

You can save yourself from such situation in the future by learning about some red flags (warnings). These warnings will help you identify the gas-lighter.

Constant Lies

If your partner is constantly telling you lies with a serious face and then behaving like you are some fool. Beware! that’s not normal and there is a huge possibility that it’s not your fault. It’s just your partner trying to be a toxic dominant, so he or she remain dominant and can control you by letting you get in a situation where you consider yourself inferior to her or him. In such a case, you will rush in desperation to her/him for help, this will give his/her sick mind a satisfaction of being superior to you.

You have to look out for this sign because some people always try to come up with justifications for their lies. No matter how straightforward the lie is, they will always try to make you believe them. That can be done by telling more lies and presenting numerous false justifications.

It’s hard to not fall into justifications when it’s your partner because that emotionality in the relationship plays its role. However, it’s a strong sign of gas-lighting, and letting it go can disrupt the peace of your life.

Denial of an Action or Statement

You will experience that “gas-lighters” will do something or say something but later down the road they will just straight away neglect a solid fact. You will see that happening a lot and will see them enforcing their falsehood with false explanations.

They will enforce falsehood using love, anger, and even frustration, and at such point, you can break into self-doubt. You might start thinking that maybe it’s you who isn’t sensible enough to understand that so called crucial issue. It’s you who is just strongly imagining stuff that’s not real.

This is the phase where you will start questioning your reality. Now bear in mind that this phase can be the start of a big disaster in your life.

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Attack on Your Foundations

A person who feels confident to act and speak is considered having an influential personality. Now confidence comes from belief, belief in your senses, knowledge, and your recognition in society.

A gas-lighter will try to disrupt that frequency of confidence to crumble your foundations. Why? Because it’s easy to control a confused soul rather than a confident one. Once they have created a hint of self-doubt in your head, they will start attacking your foundations to enforce flow in your foundations.

They will pass comments on your senses, speech, actions, and even on that so-called recognition of yours in society. They might tell you that everyone thinks that you sometimes act carelessly.

They will even lie that that certain individual openly said that in front of some people.

This is an attempt to make you feel lonely and worthless. Once they sense this negative vibe from you, they will show some generous love. That will be right there to make you vulnerable just to send you behind their shadow.

Slowly Break You 

Once they know that you are doubting your reality and feeling like a worthless house of ridiculousness. They will start to dominate you by slowly mentioning your idiocy in person and in-front of people.

They will directly and in-directly insult you and later if you are upset will make you feel like a bigger fool. They will tell you that you can’t take a joke anymore and you are always trying to make an issue over small things.

Beware! It’s not you, it’s just the partner trying to play the bigger hand. They are slowly trying to break you into a state where you are completely dominated by their existence. Where you will feel like you are just playing “Victim” and your partner is the one who’s holding the relationship.

Sudden Positivity

This is the most attractive action for you by the predator when you have slipped from your state of confidence. They will use some hurtful words and then later make you believe as if they care.

That sudden positive statement relaxes your temperament and makes you feel like the quarreling duck of the situation. That’s dangerous and negative for your mental health. That’s because you are trusting a toxic person.

So, try to take control of the situation at such times and make sure to stay confident.

Gather Allies Against You

They will start backbiting. They will talk on your back and tell people how hard it has been to live with you. How toxic your mental illness is and how your words don’t match your actions. They will poison the ears of your closest friends with their fabricated lies, so they stop believing you as if you are one need a psychiatrist.

This tactic will be used to gain trust and sentiment in the hearts of people for your toxic partner. As if they are the ones giving their all to the relationship.

Remember! Only you can counter this trap by understanding it and taking control.

Always Plays the Positive Role in The End

Once they are in the surrounding of people, they will make you look bad in comparison. They will try to be the nicest in front of people and rudest at your back. They will start a quarrel just before a meet-up and will be weirdly nice to you in front of people.

That’s a big ugly “red flag”, which should wake up your brain’s conspiracy theorist. So, you can connect the warning patterns and understand the depth of toxicity and ugliness in your relationship.

Only then you will be able to search for a sophisticated solution and craft an action plan for a better future.


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