5 Things to Do Before Sleep -All Prayers Will Be Answered

5 Things to Do Before Sleep - All Prayers Will Be Answered

Things to Do Before Sleep -All Prayers Will Be Answered

I always wonder in life that what is the most suitable time of praying. I believe that there’s a time when my all prayers will be answered. But my speculations regarding that time weren’t solved for a long time. Once in a lecture by an entrepreneur, he talked about the significance of time before sleep. Though I didn’t take his words seriously, for the sake of experimenting I gave it a try. Believe you me the results were outstanding. I’ve never thought that spending a few minutes’ solitude time with my mind would trigger my luck.

Therapists have the view that if you think about anything, right before you sleep, your subconscious mind activates. Its activation will result in attracting your desires toward you. The reason is your subconscious mind leads your conscious mind to start working toward the goal of attaining the particular desire.

If you also want all your prayers to be answered, follow the given steps before going to bed:

  1. Rely on Universal Mind

Repeat in your mind that my mind is a universal one. It’s made by the Divine power. It’s endowed with a pure spirit, a spirit who understands the working of this universe. This universal mind of mine has the solution to all my problems.

  1. Faith in not Straining 

We often get frustrated if our wishes aren’t fulfilled at the time we want them to be. This isn’t the solution. Calm your mind that my wish will be fulfilled at right time. The best time is known to the Divine power. The power that has created me. Let not your faith strain. Believe that my prayers will be answered, and my problems will be solved sooner.

  1. Manifestation of Pure Spirit

Tell your mind that I ‘ve a pure spirit. A spirit that understands the functioning of the universe. This spirit knows that how and when to manifest my true desire. Affirm your mind that it’ll gain anything at the right time. Convince your mind not to panic and go for dirty tactics, resulting in impurity of the spirit.

  1. Serenity of Mind

The serenity of mind is the most important. A calm mind thinks rationally. So, keep your mind calm, tell it not to go crazy after anything. Assert in your mind that you’ll achieve whatever you want. Just wait for the right and the best timing for it, known only by the Divine power.

  1. Confident in Divine Bliss

True faith is to have blind confidence in Divine Bliss. Assure your mind that Divine power knows what is best for you. Divine power has endowed you with countless blessings. So, wait for the time when your other wishes will also be fulfilled. Reiterate in your mind that I’ve full confidence in the Divine Bliss. The Divine Bliss will answer all my prayers. It has stored in the best things of the universe for me.

The above-given steps are nothing but the communication between you and your mind. They need a maximum of 10 minutes before going to sleep. At the start, it’ll take time to train your mind to focus on a single point. It’s difficult to stop the chaotic thoughts of the day to stop bothering your mind. Initially, your mind will keep distracting on other issues or problems of the day. It’ll not let you sit quietly shirking all the fuss contained in it. So, be ready to face the challenge of training your mind.

The next problem you’ll face is of concentrating on one issue. Prioritizing our problems is a difficult task. For us, each one of them is sufficient to turn our brains upside down. Actually, most of our problems are connected to each other. Opening the knot of one problem will ease out the way of finding the solutions for other ones. So, give your mind assurance that you’ll solve each problem one by one.

Believe you me, once your mind gets trained of following the above-given steps, you’ll have a peaceful life. Your mind will stop creating a fuss over anything. Rather it’ll be ready to take up any challenge, crossing all the fences successfully. For it, obstacles on the way would become a piece of cake to tackle with. It’ll empower you enough to face any difficulty with confidence. The confidence that you’ll be successful because a Divine power is facilitating you. Your mind will automate a strong communication of consulting with the Divine power. You’ll reach a stage after some time where the communication with Divine power will start occurring without your conscious efforts.

Most of our problems are the creation of the mind. It is well said, “There is nothing in this world that trouble you as much as your own thoughts.”


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