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What Makes Life Worth Living?

There are many questions in this world, we as humans are still unclear about. Some are very complex mathematical or hypothetical questions and scientists are working hard to find answers. Some are very easy yet confusing questions because they have as many answers as there are people on the planet. One of the best examples is the question we are discussing here; What makes life worth living?

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Its answer may vary from person to person but the majority of having an unclear answer. That’s because most people don’t put enough thought processes to answer this question.

Some don’t even try to delve into the answer themselves; they simply leave it to the pros. If I have to choose, I think these people are more intelligent individuals. That’s because they are not just trying to get the answer, they are trying to get the right answer.

Just by chance if you have searched the web looking for a pro to answer this question to your satisfaction. I am sure you are one of those intelligent individuals and will find an expert’s opinion on this one.

Most of the time people say that life is worth living because of family, friends, or any sort of worldly possessions. To an in-depth thinker, this answer isn’t justified. That’s because there are many people in the world with these possessions. Why aren’t they happy?

To an untrained eye having a family, a group of friends along some level of money is something that makes life worth living. Yet there are tons of people committing suicides though they have all those. People having families have their own concerns and worries and some take anti-depressants just to get a good sleep.

All of these externals are thought to be the reasons to live but the wisest people on the planet differ. It is always said by the wise that happiness comes from the inside. It is not an extension that you attach but it flourishes from your own thoughts. Considering both sides, I was able to come close to my answer.

So, the question remains-What makes life worth living? After giving it a lot of thought process, I have found some things that make my life worth living. Upon asking people it was found that my answer is yet the most correct one.

What Makes Life Worth Living?

These few things mentioned below were my answer to the worth of life.


I am able to feel and think because I am conscious, This consciousness opened this world to me and without its existence, I am certainly nothing. No likes, no dislikes, no feel, and certainly no nothing. So, consciousness is a constant which makes it worth living for me.

Hope of Better Future

Hope is an amazing blessing, no matter how worse the circumstances are, we know that the future exists. We know that right now, no matter how bad today is, it will pass. This hope is something that gives life to the diseased and power to the crushed.


Ability to create things, to be able to imagine what is different. This is a feeling that makes life worth living. This power to draw, write, design, or narrate is a powerful source of expressing your emotions, thinking, and opinion with the people around you. So, creativity is actually empowerment of life.

Process of Relationships

It is certainly not our family or friends that make our life worth living but it is actually the process to maintain the relationship with them. that makes this life interesting. It might not be the bond of a bloodline that makes life worth living but how we create and maintain that bond makes life worth living.


We are not born rich or successful. We see the world and strive for the things that inspire or intrigue us. This “strive” to grasp what we lack makes our life worth living. It is actually the process to acquire what we strive for that makes life go on.

I Have Yet Left To Do

Life is all about tasks or challenges. It does not matter if it is for the family, for the people you care or at a personal level. Till you know that I have to accomplish something, that feeling of not have completed everything makes life tick some more. The feelings of being useful for someone else or one’s own self. The self-proclaimed tasks or the tasks that we are interested in making this life worth living.


Life is all about uncertainty yet hope. This world is alive with humans because humans have something to do or they think they can do. They have something to desire or empower. They can imagine and strive to create.

Humans have a lot to move forward and that is what makes their life worth living and all that lot initiates from within. It is not the external factors or circumstances that pushed you to make your life worthy of living.

No one finds Life Worth Living-One has To Make it Worth Living”

– Winston Churchill









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