6 Things That Makes You A Boring Person And How Not to be Boring

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6 Things That Makes You A Boring Person And How Not to be Boring

What Makes a Person Boring?

In life, we meet a lot of people. Some are really interesting and we never want to stop talking to them. On the other hand, there are some people who tire or frustrate us. We often call them deleterious people. Well, not all of them are toxic.

There are many people who fail to be fascinating and that happens due to many reasons. It is not something you can initially control. Many factors come across like childhood, environment, and the way people are brought up and so does the list go on.

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Self-Created Myths of Being a Boring Person

Many people think that they are boring because they have never been on a wild adventure. They think that they do not have interesting stories to tell as they do not have any such experiences. There are several myths that are self-created by the people as boundaries and never excel from the point of being Boring.

If You Pay Attention Everyone is a Novel

What Really Makes a Person Boring?

As I mentioned earlier, there are many things that make a person boring. If we categories the most common problems, they fall on the bed of two things. They either lack confidence or just fail to convey how they feel.

These can be solid problems for every person that makes the words boring. There are various reasons that play their part in when it comes to communication skills. Some are:

Fail to Read the Audience

No matter if you are talking to a hundred people or one. If you can’t read the audience you are done for. If the person in the front is yawning or being way too silent and looks lazy, that person is surely tired of you. You should quickly change your plot a bit or shorten your story or ask a quick question.

Too Much Thinking While Talking

There are many people who talk a lot without thinking and reveal what should have been kept secret. That is a real-world problem and no one likes that. On the other hand, there are think away too much while talking and their words come out block by block.

If you want to talk first make a road map in your mind, and play in that map while talking and that is the easiest solution. All you have to do is practice thinking about points of your talk and then keep on the conversation while connecting each one of them.

Always Talking About Negativity

There are also the individuals who have nothing to talk about but the negative aspects of each and every occurrence. They think of life as a dip in the Volcanic Ocean. If you ask them how they are or how their life is or how their family is or anything, they will only have one general answer which won’t be optimistic.

This makes them boring and frustrating for others. It is important to understand that every person is fighting a battle in their own life. Why they give a damn about your problems? So, if someone not close to you, asks about how things are going, just come up with an okay or most agreeable response.

Learn if You Lack

We are not learned when we come out of our mothers’ wombs. Some folk who is really not good to conversant with, are those who do not want to learn new things according to the need of time. They just sit around in their bubble and try to pack the bubble as closely as they can.

It is okay to be an introvert but it is not okay to become a potential depressant or anxiety patient. It is important to get out of your bubble and face the world. You can only do that if you learn new things about coping.

If you lack confidence, go and read some self-help books and embrace your problem to later looking for the solution. Hiding under a blanket will only hurt more. Even if you are not good at reading, look around, you will definitely find a person who may help you in dealing with things. The world is not only filled with people who are mean and care only about themselves.


You are great within yourself and happiness comes from inside but to develop that inside you need experiences as fuel. I would strongly recommend you to get out in the world and get some discomfort.

If you think that the world is not interested enough adjust your vision and look again. If your opinions remain the same, you are looking into the mirror and that is not the whole world. It is just you.

It is time to make changes in you and see the world from a newer angle. That is the only thing that can change your direction from moving downwards to upwards.

Life is Never Boring But Some People Chose to Be Bored

-Wayne Dyer

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