9 Things Before Dying Old People Say They Regret Never Doing In Their Life

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9 Things Before Dying Old People Say They Regret Never Doing In Their Life

9 Things Before Dying Old People Say They Regret Never Doing In Their Life

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9 Things You Realize as You Get Older
We often hear that “Old is Gold” and it takes some experience in life to fully understand that. That’s why we see a lot of elderly trying to advise the young ones because they feel like veterans from a battlefield with Intel.

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So here are 9 things you realize as you get older:

1. Everything is Connected
No matter how small of an action or how big of a deal, it always has a connection with your past. It can be something you had seen, you did or learnt and when you grow, you will see yourself claiming the connection from that seed you had planted.


  1. Talent isn’t a fact for Success
    As you age, you see very talented people live miserable life and many people with little talent grow to an unimaginable extent. That’s when you realize that talent is a charm but it can become a liability if not maintained with hard work and constant learning.3. Trust is a Rare Luxury
    Once a person have met enough people and made enough friends, that person surely realizes that it’s futile to trust the majority of the people. This lesson is learnt from betrayals of others in hard times. The positive thing about this realization is that you develop a filter, which filters every odd person out to his/her deserving place.4. Happiness Comes From Within
    In the childhood or youth, people too often run after things finding happiness without realizing that it was only an excitement and had no connection with happiness. Many people think that something in the outside world will take place to make them happy and fortunately it’s the opposite.If you want happiness, you must blow the call from within and it will come to you and no matter how small of a change but the outside world will adjust to make you happy.

    5. Time Changes People
    As kids we run after friends and when someone cuts us out, we even weep because we had a world in us for them and they broke it. This problem continuous till you understand that humans are evolving species and they evolve and innovate, so a person who was your best friend or was loyal to you or was friendly to you, may not be the same tomorrow.

    So it’s okay if people change because change isn’t always bad. Just keep moving on and you will find a better future to laugh at the past for sure.

    6. Blame Never Works
    In our young age, we often make mistakes, make wrong decision and then blame other people or other things for that and if anything doesn’t work we put the hate on our self. This practically never works and the bigger the mistake the longer it takes to move on from it.

    The easier solution is to accept the past, understand it and study it to make a better future for ourselves. If you won’t let the big river of memories flow, it will clot to burst damaging you from within. People take a lot of time accepting their own soul, just don’t be one of them.

    7. Time Never Comes Back

It is fun to waste time binge watching YouTube, Netflix and others but at the end of the day, it never pays back. People only understand that when they are hit by something big. I understood that when my dad stayed in hospital for 3 days and I realized, I am no one without him and upon looking back I realized I had wasted all his advises and my time.

You are the product of your past, so don’t become a person who looks back and have nothing to offer to the future. It is very painful when you realize that you have wasted all your time.

8. Prize isn’t Success, it’s the process
We often run after that ultimate success but when we are old enough and have gone through the process we realize that all that fun was in the process of becoming an achiever.

The truth comes in front of the person and it is understood that everything gained was from the process and all growth came during the process. All gains and growth stops when you are above the process, that’s why the best in the world never rests as they know that the prize of life is behind constant struggle for something new.

9. Relationship is Never Perfect, Compromise and Adjust

Youth always runs after that proper bonding or understanding before living as a married couple and it’s too often that break up becomes inevitable.

Only after a very long time people realize that, relationship isn’t a perfect thing no matter the angle or position of view. It always has imperfections and problems. The best policy is to practice compromise and adjustments and it is the only way things work out. After a little bit of time people find joy and happiness in the same imperfect relation they wanted to leave.

The only downside is that, changing the people so often becomes a habit and love becomes “fish love” that’s when this realization hardly works. So be wise, learn and practice before it is too late.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

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