Age 21s – 45s Top 6 Reasons You Are Still Single

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Age 21s - 45s Top 6 Reasons You Are Still Single

Age 21s – 45s Top 6 Reasons You Are Still Single

6 Reasons You Are Still Single

Being in a relationship is beautiful and when you see that beauty in every other friend and their partner around you, you might feel a bit needy.

Once you make up your mind and still end not being able to find that someone very “special”, even though you are a pretty good catch. You may be very attractive or an average person, you may be a big success or an okay level person, you may be very charming, humorous, or equipped with the best qualities in the world or you may be a bit different person in every way.

You still can wonder, why am I struggling to settle down? That’s normal and many people face such problems due to various reasons. No matter the quantity or worth of each reason, they can always be understood, analyzed, and solved.


6 Apparent Reasons You Are Still Single

You ever wondered? What are facts or probable causes in your personality or your life that might be a clot in your way towards a healthy relationship? If not here is some help in identifying them.

  1. Your Identity is a Bit Too Much in Shadows

If you feel like you are having a hard time being in a relationship or if you just struggle in making them last longer. Not completely knowing yourself can be a big clot in the situation. You might not truly understand what you want in a partner? Or you might be searching to fill up the emptiness in your heart, forgetting that being in a relationship not always makes you whole.


The truth is somewhat different. Even if you find a great person, you will still be lonely if you don’t know what you truly want. As a matter of fact, you can’t know that, if you don’t have some self-awareness.

So go and connect with yourself and find your own true identity and that will surely help you connect with others.


  1. Fairy Tale Level Standards

It’s good to have some standards when looking for a person as every person has priorities and things they are looking for in a partner. The “but” in the situation comes, when you look for an ideal perfect partner or such relationship and instead of identifying the core ingredients you require in your partner. You go and set the bar way too high for anyone to reach.

If you are doing that and no one has been able to come too close to you, you should rethink and try setting the bar a little bit low. There is a huge chance that your idea of a partner has been polished from movies, social media, or some distance friend. Understand that such ideals can be a bit unrealistic as you don’t know much about behind-the-scenes.

You should understand that it’s impossible for someone to have all the same interests that you do, or is passionate about the same things as you are. It can be almost impossible in most cases. A relationship is great but committing to it and keeping it alive, is a hard standard to maintain.


  1. Your Heart Beats For Someone Else
    It’s a common problem in us, that we become stubborn and run out to start looking for a new partner even though, we just broke up. This is wrong.

We might think that getting over someone is just finding a perfect replacement but in actual reality, that’s not the case. If you are still with a broken heart as your ex-relationship failed, just stop the horses for a bit.

It’s just a good time to nurse your heart and come back stronger and more developed. Once you are healed and excited again, you can put your heart on the line and hope to make a better future in your love life.


  1. Commitment Isn’t Your Thing

If you are still single, this one is a huge possibility. Some people have some built-in reasoning which makes it hard for them to commit. In a relationship commitment is the core and without that core, you see people leaving you after some early excitement.


It’s okay to be scared of commitment but it’s really important to know the reasons behind it. Commitment, intimacy, and passion are the key ingredients of a long-lasting relationship. If commitment is hard for you, maybe, it’s because of some insecurity connected to you.


You can be afraid of getting a rejection or maybe you are not ready for a full settled life yourself. It can be because of many reasons but if you sit down and figure out yourself, this search will surely find you some peace and you will be able to move forward.



  1. You Simply Lack Time

Maybe another reason for you to be single is your lack of time. You might be too busy in your work life. You might have started a company and it is demanding all your soul. You may be studying and don’t have enough free time. Your priority is your goal and you can’t set your eyes off of it.

It can be very hard getting in or staying in a relationship if there are things that occupy you a bit too much. No matter what they are, they will be a bit discomforting for the other partner.

So you have two choices, you can just wait till you can add a comma in your life to get into a relationship. On the other hand, if you want someone right now. You will have to make some really good adjustments to your life and its functionality.


  1. You Chose To Be Single

Maybe you are one of those people, who have defined their priorities and they don’t want to be in a relationship because they have their own goals and dreams.

If you just want to conquer your dreams and want to lead a life of freedom. Being single may just be the sweet spot for you. You don’t need to rush things and make your life unstable.

You can just go easy and do what you prioritize doing and be single with choice and that’s completely okay. You shouldn’t be thinking about getting in a relationship if it’s just because every other person around you is in relation. That’s just unhealthy at so many levels.


There can be many reasons behind being single but if you truly try to find yourself and understand how things work best for you. You will have a better chance to lead an amazing life. On the other hand, if you copy and rush, this ride won’t be very pleasant.

If we seek paradise outside ourselves, we cannot have paradise in our hearts.      

 -Thomas Merton | Spirit Button


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