Cognitive Psychology – Learning and Memory

 Cognitive Psychology – Learning and Memory

Understanding memory and the learning process in cognitive psychology .

In the first place, I want to make you understand what is memory , how it works and how we learn . And we will explore on some of the method that able to strengthen our memory such as deep processing , and the memory palace .

After you understand how it works, and I guarantee that you’ll understand it after watching this course, improving your memory will be just a matter of consistency and practice.

This course is the result of studying: dozens of books, hours of e-learning courses and I think that it can give you a clear picture on how memory and learning works in the most simplest way.

In these lessons, you will find actionable, easy-to-apply concepts and activities that can be used immediately.

If you consistently apply the memory techniques presented in this course, in addition to improving memory, you will notice an improvement in the overall quality of your learning experience .

***What Will You Be Learning ***

1) What is Happening to our memory when we learn something new , and when we are not learning anything new .

2) The Memory System .

3) What Is The Working Memory in Cognitive Psycholgy .

4) How Does Human Learn and Forget .

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