Has your ex ever come back to you when it seemed impossible?

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Has your ex ever come back to you when it seemed impossible?

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We had a great 1.6 months together but things started to change after that.

On a Friday late evening(10pm), she sent me a message asking if I am free , It was the first time she initiated a call since we got into a relationship. I thought it was something urgent.
“What’s up?” i answered her call.
“I think we should break up.” That was the first sentence that came out from her— with an extremely cold voice
“What? Are you kidding?” I seriously thought she was joking as we just done our dinner together not long ago.
I soon realized she was not.
This cute ,charming girl, who not that long ago asked me what kind of wedding I wanted, who introduced me to her entire family, who argued with me when I wanted to name our future kid , who kept telling me that she will work hard for our future , and we are going to build a family together.
I was totally touched by what she told me , as at that time , i was in a very bad condition , i lost my job, my parent is thousands miles away from , and all i have is her.
She is my everything , she is my day and night , she is my supports pills , she is the person that i am looking forward to share every happiness ,sadness and success .
She is the only person that i can rely on .I always think how lucky i am to have her with me. To be able to meet her , it is the best thing that ever happen in my live.
But ,suddenly she decided that she is not happy anymore.
“There is no other man You did nothing wrong. She said coldly. The conversation lasted for only 5 minutes.
Two weeks after the breakup, I was like a zombie , walking on the street with no energy , motivaton and definitely loss my life direction.
I do not know what to do at that time, as i put all my hope , my life my everything on her.
It seems that we can’t get back together again . But , i would give my last try before i really give out .
I texted her to see will she reply. Well , yes she did , with a “??”,
I reply “how is everything getting ?”
she read the message but no reply.
I know i need to move on .I tried thousands of waysto get over this terrible melt down.
I get myself a job , shower myself with lots of activity throughout the days and night .

After 18 months she got engaged . And i know that we can’t get together again .
I started to think , what does actually “LOVE” means ? If i keep bothering her , she will be annoyed and she will not be happy .
If i stop keeping in touch with her , she will be living happily with the one that she love , although my heart is hurting like getting stab by a brutally sharp knife.
Finally, i figure it out , that true LOVE is ,seeing the one that you love , living happily with someone that she truly loves.
If you are the one that can make her happy , please hold on her tightly and give her endless love .
If you are the one who will make her sad , PLEASE LEAVE.
Therefore, i choose to leave…………

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