How Colors Affects Human Emotions ?

How Colors Affects Human Emotions ?

How Colors Affects Human Emotions?

Colors are important for our mental state. Colors have not only an effect on our emotions, but also moods, memory, and health.

Some colors are just very calming in nature, while others are more triggering and stimulating like calling for action. Some colors make us feel optimistic, while others might make us feel anxious or sad.

Different colors can even trigger different emotions like love or anger. Here we will discuss the psychology of colors and how they affect our emotions.

There are countless studies and researches which link colors to human emotions. So let’s find out how colors can affect us and what psychology has to say about it.

What Are The Effects Of Colors On Our Emotions?

Every color has a bit diverse effect on our emotions. It all depends upon their specifics like temperature, tone, brightness, concentration, etc.

If we look at the effect of temperatures, we will see warm colors when our attention is required. You will see yellow and red signs on the road or at construction sites in the cities.

Colors with warm temperatures also develop feelings of joy and satisfaction in our moods.

Further, if we talk about the colors with cooler tones, we will see them showcasing protection, rest, and sometimes loneliness. In the table of cool colors, you will see blue, purple, and sometimes even green.

There are colors specifically associated with happiness and sadness. If you like pink color, your favorite color has the power to switch moods from negative to positive. Just understand this, your favorite color isn’t concentrated yet shiny and bright.

They will give off an optimistic feel for you. However, if your color is concentrated like blue or grey, they are famous for a lonely or sad feeling. Although in different cultures dark colors like black are also represent death.

However, at the same time death is also represented by white color in some cultures.

Colors of Relaxation

Certain colors have the power to give out the feeling of relaxation. However, that depends upon the way they are used. A cool color is always good for relaxation and peace of mind.

A cool tone with light implementation is always good for the mind.

Colors That Motivate

If you want your workplace or living room to be filled with energy and joy, chose bright-toned colors. Bright colors like green and baby blue will fill the environment with the strength of action. So, if you want to feel all energetic and motivated. Bright colors are the way to go for your walls or general surroundings.

How Specific Colors Can Arouse Your Emotions?

Yes, each color has its feel and power that can surely impact a person psychologically. However, many psychological arousals can tempt physical activity in human beings. That’s how you feel “action” when you see a yellow or red sign on road.

So let’s dig deep and discover the nature of specific colors in terms of psychological effects.

Snowy White

Equally spread white color has a special minimalistic and clean feel of freshness. If your paint your house walls white, it will give off a simpler look. If you will use a lot of white color in your paintings, you will see a clear and fresh aesthetic.

In some parts of the world, white is the signature of death. However, in many others, it’s the sign of a new beginning like marriage. What a contrast!

Pitch Black

Black color is a color of seriousness and boldness. That’s why you will see influential people in black suits, black cars, and black wallets. Especially some people who love power and professionalism like black.

Black also represents the power of control, the control of oneself and one’s surroundings.


Grey color is a creative color as it empowers creativity and responsibility. This color has the power to endorse freedom yet bounded. Grey is a color of maturity and adulthood. However, with different tones, it can have a bit different effects.


It is a color of classical thought and classical love. You will see this color in old libraries or people with a conventional sense. It feels more independent and developed in terms of personality. If you look at the sadness of this color, you will see loneliness yet stability and resilience.

It arouses feelings of isolation but at the same time has the power to give a feeling of security. This is a color that comes with many powerful feelings.


You must have seen brands providing security services use a lot of blues in their logos and marketing. That’s because this is a color that reflects the feelings of security and protection. That’s why it is also a way of representing peace and relaxation However it is also a color of sadness.


If you like oranges, I am sure you are sometimes very enthusiastic. As it’s a color of enthusiasm. It reflects extreme strength and draws an intense amount of power. That’s why it spreads a solid feel of youth.

Just like youth, it has power, yet it doesn’t feel dangerous. It’s exciting but not unbalanced and attracts even from a distance.

Last Thoughts 

Colors exist with meaning but the meaning can be diverse if we take the diversity of culture and history of a person. Remember colors and their effects aren’t a universal truth. They can have different meanings as per the set trends in their culture.

A combination of colors can make a piece of art. Only an artist can understand the power of combination as they paint their imaginations using it.

However, colors do connect everyone with emotions as everyone draws something out of them. That’s why they are even used in emotional therapies.

”Words are Loud, Colors are just Louder”

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