How I Do Stop Missing My Ex And Start Living Happily ?

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How I Do Stop Missing My Ex And Start Living Happily ?

I broke up with her 5 years ago , and I am still missing her…

I will need to admit it is hard, I mean really really hard to stop missing her after we broke up 5 years ago, although she already moved on and married her prince charming right after 1.5 years we broke up.

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A lot people will advise and says, you have to move on, you have to look for another girl, you have to keep yourself busy. Well, I did all that, but it seems like not working at all!

It is really not that easy to just forget someone that has a deep impact in our life.


What I did to stop thinking about her, is getting another goal in my life. As I know that, she was my goal, everything that I do is for her, every saving I keep is for her.

My life was all about her at that time.

Once broken up, the first 2 years I suffered a lot , just imagine someone that you used to literally based your future and life with, suddenly disappear, and what make things worst is that she has a new boyfriend few months after our break up and get married after that.

It was really a nightmare for me.I have very very screwed up depression, career going down slope.

Starting last year 2020,

I found my new goal, and are working hard on building it day and night.

While I writing this, I cannot say that i am 100% not thinking of her anymore, but at least I have a new goal that I am working hard on.

I wish you all da best, life is short, don’t waste your time on someone that does not appreciate you and neglected those that really love and care about you.

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