Hei guys , if you have not heard about Kain Ramsay ,this is a good chance for you to know this fabulous life coach .

With more than 200k active students  ,he is definately making impacts in transforming life . Now lets dig down abit deeper about this great life coach .

Who is Kain Ramsay ?

Kain Ramsay has established a pragmatic brand of personal transformation which equips individuals with the confidence and knowledge to transform the lives and societies around them.

He is also the director of Training And Development at Achology Ltd. Bestselling Udemy NLP, Life Coaching, & Counselling Instructor.

With over a decade of experience, Kain directs his teaching towards those who are intent on living life with greater clarity, intentionality and purpose, and more than 150,000 students have been influenced by the empowering, passion, humour, and transformational power of Kain’s outstanding range of internationally best-selling courses.

Kain’s highly distinctive brand of instruction, based upon practical life principles and extensive experience, takes a person-centred approach toward teaching people how to grow in maturity, consistency, decisiveness and strength.

Kain’s commitment to community activism has been long standing, and in 2017 Kain and an international team of visionary, creative and technical experts, founded Achology – The Academy for Modern Applied Psychology.

Endorsed by Gerard Egan, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Organisation Development and Psychology, Achology is an academy radically changing the way psychology-based training is delivered by prioritising the empowerment and enablement of a community of multi-disciplinary practitioners.

Drawing from his own personal experiences, Kain has translated his life experiences to found a personal philosophy that adversity and life’s darkest moments create an opportunity for unlimited personal growth and can become a catalyst for positive change.

Now acknowledged as one of the world’s most trusted multi-disciplinary trainers, Kain has influenced, empowered and transformed the lives, careers & wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, from top business achievers and sports people, to musicians and entrepreneurs.

His main goal in life is to close the achievement gap and encourage a collective of dedicated and driven individuals around the world to become committed to building up what the system is tearing down.

Kain Ramsay offers a great amount of super high quality online courses . These courses include online life coaching certificate courses ,online NLP practitioner certificate course (beginner to advanced) , Online NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (Advanced to Expert) , Certified Online Life Coaching Practitioner Diploma  , Online Counselling Practitioner Certificate (beginner to advanced) ,The NLP Confidence & Self Esteem Breakthrough Programme and also Unshakable Confidence: Become 100% Secure in Who You Are .

Lets look at what are these courses are , and how it can make you become a better life coach in helping others to success .

Kain Ramsay TOP Accreditted Online Life Coaching Courses

Life Coaching Certificate Course (Achology Certified)

Become Certified in Life Coaching with this Comprehensive Online Life Coach Certificate Course | Achology Accredited.

Who this course is for:
  • If you genuinely care about people, this training course will enable you to become far more valuable to the people you already have in your life.
  • This course lays an exceptional foundation for those who hope to eventually establish a sustainable professional life coaching practice.
  • Alternative therapists, counsellors, healthcare workers and established practitioners who want to supplement their understanding and skill set.
  • Business managers, salespeople, entrepreneurs and anyone in leadership will develop valuable insights for better understanding their team members and/or customers.
  • Parents, role-models and teachers who wish to better help young people find their path in life and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed.
  • Experienced life coaches, mentors, NLP/CBT/REBT Practitioners who want to build or expand their current practice with a fresh new helping process and way of thinking.
  • If you are already working as a counsellor, physical trainer, psychologist or psychiatrist you may also integrate the skills learned through this course in your current role.

REVIEW: 4.5/5


55,998 students enrolled (24/2/2019)

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NLP Practitioner Certificate Course (Beginner to Advanced)

Achology Certified NLP Practitioner Course | Learn the Core Ideas, Methods & Principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming .

Who this course is for:
  • This course is ideal for beginners in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or anyone who wants a profound personal development experience.
  • Existing NLP Life Coaches, Practitioners or Master Practitioners who wish to revise their knowledge and refine their NLP skills.
  • This course is designed for students who want a certified NLP Practitioner qualification, but who can’t afford costly enrolment fees or are unable to commit to a scheduled attendance based training.
  • This NLP Practitioner training will offer an excellent basis for those who want to participate in a live NLP Practitioner attendance course.
  • NLP Practitioners commonly consist of alternative therapists, teachers, managers, industry leaders, health professionals and communication experts.
  • This course will suit all those who are passionate about people and want to make a positive impact by helping people achieve more significant results in life.

REVIEW: 4.4/5


49,715 students enrolled (24/2/2019)
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NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (Advanced to Expert)

Achology Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Certificate Course | NLP Master Practitioner (NLPMP) .

Who this course is for:
  • This course will complement existing NLP Practitioners who have already completed the Achology Certified NLP Practitioner course (from the same instructor).
  • Life Coaches, multi-disciplinary practitioners and therapists who wish to revise their NLP knowledge and improve their NLP communication skills.
  • This NLP Master Practitioner training will offer an excellent basis for those who want to participate in an NLP Master Practitioner attendance course.
  • NLP Master Practitioners often consist of alternative therapists, teachers, managers, leadership teams, industry leaders, health professionals, parents and professional communicators/business people.
  • This course will suit those who are passionate about people and want to make a difference by helping people achieve more significant results in life.
  • Existing NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners who wish to revise and refine their understanding of advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

REVIEW :4.5 /5

TOTAL ENROLLMENT:20,887 students enrolled (24/2/2019)

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Life Coaching Practitioner Diploma (Achology Certified)

Learn the Step-by-Step Achology Life Coaching Process and Begin Working With Clients as a Life Coaching Practitioner .

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has an interest in learning more about professional Life Coaching is encouraged to take the course. There are no prior entry requirements to enrol.
  • If you want to become an expert life coach, consolidate your life coaching skills and gain access to an international support community to aid your growth; this course is definitely for you.
  • Through studying the Life Coaching Diploma Course, you will learn the tools and techniques employed by life coaches to empower yourself and others to reach (and exceed) personal and professional goals.
  • Students who enrol in this course typically consist of care professionals, therapists, counsellors, teachers, business leaders, managers, parents and those from other walks of life who aspire to assist other people in achieving more significant and rewarding life results.
  • The course is framed to meet the developmental needs of multi-disciplinary practitioners who wish to become established in life coaching. Alternative therapists, caregivers, ministers and occupational therapists alike benefit from undergoing this training.

REVIEW :4.6 /5

TOTAL ENROLLMENT:4,828 students enrolled (24/2/2019)

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Counselling Practitioner Certificate (Beginner to Advanced)

Study towards becoming a Counselling Practitioner today with this Achology accredited Counselling Practitioner Course .
This course is the approved Counselling Practitioner training within Achology (the Academy for Modern Applied Psychology). On completion of the course, students are invited to apply for Professional Membership within Achology and begin putting all of their new found skills into practice right away.
REVIEW :4.6 /5
students enrolled (24/2/2019)

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The NLP Confidence & Self Esteem Breakthrough Programme

Leverage from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles to build authentic confidence & transform your self-esteem.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants a rich personal or professional development experience.
  • Students who are ready to improve themselves will benefit most from this course.
  • This course is suitable for men and women of all ages and from all ethnic backgrounds.
  • Target students are those who have a genuine interest in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
  • If you’re ready to become confident within yourself and achieve what you are capable of, this course is for you.

REVIEW :4.6 /5TOTAL ENROLLMENT:4,865students enrolled (24/2/2019)

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Unshakable Confidence: Become 100% Secure in Who You Are

Confidence Life Coaching for those Wishing to Develop Genuine Confidence & Self Esteem in all the Primary Areas of Life.
Who this course is for:
  • Anybody (men, women, students, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, etc.) Who are Ready to Become Everything That They Can Be in Life.
  • Life Coaches, NLP Practitioners, Therapists, Counsellors and Those Who Work With People Who Suffer With Low Confidence & Self Esteem.
  • Unshakable Confidence is for Anyone Who’s Committed to Improving their Confidence and Self Esteem .
  • Men and Women Who Are Ready to Step Up, Step Out, Become Authentic & Make a Positive Impact in the World.
  • This course is designed for people of all ages and social backgrounds.

REVIEW :4.6 /5TOTAL ENROLLMENT:4,865students enrolled (24/2/2019)

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