MUST KNOW ! 5 Major Differences in Psychologists and Psychiatrists

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5 Major Differences in Psychologists and Psychiatrists THAT Everyone Must Know!

5 Major Differences in Psychologists and Psychiatrists THAT Everyone Must Know!

5 Major Differences in Psychologists and Psychiatrists THAT Everyone Must Know!


Even in today’s advanced world,i mean after so long the term psychologist and psychiatrist coined people still confuse about this 2 terms.
Wilhelm Wundt (1832–1920) was a German scientist who was the first person to be referred to as a psychologist . The history of psychiatrist can be date back to 1550 BCE .

Even in today’s advanced world, people are still confused between these two separate types of professions. That’s because to the general eye their job seems similar both in terms of vibe and practical working.

That’s understandable as not everyone is interested in getting to know the difference between their jobs. However, it becomes important for people who actually need help from one of them. That’s why we have come forward to educate the world about this specific type of switch between the two.

The human race is facing some really fearsome types of mental health issues but not enough people are worried about it. Many don’t even accept the existence of the problem.

5 Major Differences in Psychologists and Psychiatrists

So here are some major differences between the two types of professions. Reading them will educate you to consult whom at the time of the problem you are going through.

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  1. Psychologists Use Therapies

If you will go to a psychologist, they will try to solve your problem using different physical or psychological methods. Nevertheless, they will surely try to solve your problem without using medication.

Their medication is their therapy. In fact, they aren’t allowed to prescribe any sort of medicine to the patient. That’s because they don’t specialize just in mental illnesses. They specialize in humans’ psychological or behavioral issues. For instance, God forbid if your child is facing intellectual development disorder, you will consult a psychologist.

Besides, if you are facing some specific Bipolar Disorder or Autism, you can either consult a psychologist at first but later you will be sent to a psychiatrist after problem identification.

Disorders that can’t be dealt without using some medicine or special medication are for psychiatrists to handle.

  1. Psychologists Are From “General Niche” Category

Psychologists are trained for curing behavior-related issues. They have the skill set to help out if a person is facing issues in his or her general life. That’s because they can’t help when the problem is related to a medical disorder as that’s not part of their job.

Psychologists are more like mental health advocates with the ability to solve problems using natural techniques. On the other hand, psychiatrists deal with more specific mental disorders.  Disorders that can’t be treated just with the use of speech or therapy are often handled by Psychiatrists. They use both medicine and technique to cure or treat the issue faced by the patient.

Psychiatrists deal with patients need therapy along with medication, whereas psychologists take care of muddled up issues of your life that are constantly haunting your brain, affecting your everyday life.

  1. Both Require Different Degrees

Yes! Both of these are different fields requiring  different degrees. They may be related in some set of branches; however, they can’t be unified as one. There are possible collaborations but not specifically the same courses.

You can get a psychology degree with Masters but majorly you will need to complete your Ph.D. to be called a doctor. Further PSYD or EDS is the famous degree to become a psychologist.

  1. Psychiatrists Can Deal With Complex Conditions

Psychiatrists are Medical Doctors that have both knowledge and authority to prescribe medicines. They deal with really complex conditions that require more professional help. Their day-to-day patients are more like victims of serious disorders that are regarded as abnormal behavior by general public.

Victims of mental illness like autism or apotemnophilia are mostly paying regular visits to these medical doctors. They have in-depth knowledge of both illness and possible cure. Thus, it gives them the authority to suggest different therapies along with required medicines.

Medicines are mostly for major disorders like split identity or other major issues regarding mental health.

  1. Psychologists Behave More like Friends

People who are dealing with issues in their personal life also consult with psychologists. They help people open up and then talk to them as if they are their best friends. They have the quality to connect with people at an emotional level.

They quickly yet efficiently create a bond with their visitors to help them release their burdens. That’s one of the best things about these docs. They can advise you as if they are right in your shoes.

They help you get out from the problematic scenarios of your life that are hindering the normal life of yours. They are mostly the go-to people when you feel stressed or depressed. When you aren’t able to focus or when you are dealing with hard turns in life. They comfort you and help you release that extra weight that you are carrying with you.

Famous Psychologist says; “we can’t change anything until we accept it” That’s because most people aren’t ready to accept the issue. So psychologists first make them realize and then help them move forward without a mental breakdown.

Last Thoughts

This discussion has surely educated you about the differences between the two well-known yet confused professions. Nevertheless, it must have helped you understand the significance of each of these careers.

Either it is psychologists or psychiatrists, both of them are highly motivated to eradicate mental health issues. Some issues are curable while others are just treatable.

If you try to attain some basic or intermediate level knowledge about the subject of mental health, you will be able to save a lot of people besides you.

That’s because a big population of this world is facing mental health issues. If diagnosed at a young age, they can quickly be cured or treated. If they continue to rise, they develop into a huge issue killing one’s bright future.

So open your eyes for yourself and your loved ones. So, we can make this world a better place for everyone. This world can’t become a better place until we try to fight our problems together.

“We can’t unify nor can fight until we are all healthy and tight”





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