Signs of No Self Love & How To Manifesting Self Love

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the signs of no self love

If you do not love yourself , you cannot love anyone . Therefore , it is very important to know how to love yourself , before doing anything else .

But, sometime it is hard to detect whether are you loving yourself or not .

I know you must be thinking now , what the hell ?? how can i not know whether i love myself or not ?

Well , if you are reading this now , i am sure that , you must feel somehow , somewhere you feel you are not loving yourself enough.

Let look at the signs of no self love .


1. Lack of self-care and self-worth

2.You have weak self-honor, self -respect, self-honesty and self trust

3. You have no time to do things that you like or feel guilty when not working or doing something productive

4. Always compare yourself  and  judge yourself with others .

5. Hate on your body , feel like you are fat or not fit.

6. You feel that noone understand you , noone love you .

7. Put pressure on yourself and criticize your work ,even thou you have successfully completed a task .

If you have above 7 signs , you have the signs of no self love . You feel depress , you feel lonely even thou you have alot of friends , you feel that noone in this world care about you .

No matter how good you are , you help your company to hit  monthly target , you help your colleague to complete his/her task , but you feel that they do not appreciate your hardwork  .

These are the effect/signs of you do not have self love .

A peaceful world and life starts with you! Learn self-love techniques, self-acceptance and begin a journey of awakening.


This world has been in major crisis when it comes to topics of love and acceptance. The world at large is confusing true beauty with vanity, true love with possessiveness, true wealth with having loads of money, and so on.

Awakening is happening at way too slow of a pace. It’s time to radically change how we interact with each other – and it all starts with you.


True wealth is being happy with who you are and what you have. If you want something that you don’t have, you use your own character to help create it, rather than expecting a free ride. Your job then is not of outer work but of inner work. Your outer results will automatically match your inner reflection.


True beauty is knowing that your body and spirit are woven from the light of the Universe (as Rumi would say), and has little to nothing to do with outer beauty itself. What makes a person beautiful is the hue and glow from that inner light. True and lasting beauty can be found within.


True love is knowing that no one and nothing belongs to us anyways while realizing that what is yours has always been yours (and cannot be taken from you) and therefore that which you seek is also seeking you. Seems contradictory? It’s not.

Learn how to Self Love & How To Manifesting Self Love with Cha~zay Sandhriel Ph.D. 

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EFT No. 2 – Manifesting Self Love, Acceptance and Awakening




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