Top 10 List Psychological Disorders in Human Race

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Top 10 Psychological Disorders in Human Race

Top 10 Psychological Disorders in Human Race

Sounds creepy ? Nar not really….

Top 10 Psychological Disorders in Human Race

Top 10 Psychological Disorders in Human Race That You May Not Know

Psychological disorders are referred as mental health problems that make the victim fall behind in the race of life. These are psychiatric issues, which directly affects the person’s mental state. These are personality designs which create a significant difference between normal and affected people.

The list below will include the parent disorders and some of their branches to help you understand various conditions.

Lets us dive in to the list of Top 10 Psychological Disorders in Human Race .

  1. Neurodevelopmental Issues

These are some intellect type disorders that are mainly diagnosed between the age of 5 and 19. This is however, a parent issue as this disorder includes many other mental disabilities mentioned below.

Basic Mental Retardation is a human disability that is majorly diagnosed below the age of 18. These problem showcases behavior related issues as humans’ ability to adapt is suffered in this case. On the face of it a person’s intelligence related operations are suffering as lack of basic sense is observed.

Child Developmental Delay is a type of growth disability in which children’s under the age of 5 suffer from slow learning, language speaking and other processing and motor related abilities. This disorder can be a start of basic mental retardation. So it’s best to take children for IQ test once the reach the required age.

Communication Issue is disorder that makes it hard for the children to speak or detect language in general. It may be hard for them to practically convey their message and can also stutter while speaking.

  1. Trauma or Stress Related Issues

In such type of disorders, the victim has previously experienced some sort of extreme situation, that left a permanent mark on their conscious like a trauma of some kind.

Flash Backs is a type of problem in which the person relives the memory as if it was happening again. This can result in swear anxiety and huge raise or drop in blood pressure. Victim can also experience lack of emotional responsiveness and can even have a hard time finding happiness.

Unexpected Switch is a situation which refers to sudden but huge change in life. This happens when a person has to experience a feeling of extreme disappointment or lose. This can happen in situations like death of someone close or losing some object of greater emotional value.

This type of change can make a person lose hope in life, angry or something similar.

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  1. Interruption in Consciousness 

In this disorder people forget what they are doing or what they are up to. They lose their memory for some time which can vary from person to person. Some people can forget the whole happenings whereas some can only remember a few things.

This is more like a simple careless forgetful attitude. Victims also experience dual personality disorder in which they can completely change their personality and all its aspects.

  1. Health Doubt Disorder

It is a type of anxiety in which a person always worries about his or her health. It happens to a point where it is exaggerated and way out of the road into the zone of excessiveness. At such stage the victim feels like they are not operating properly.

They always have a feeling of illness; they either worry about their mental or physical health. No matter how healthy they are, they still face doubt and are sensitive for their health.

  1. Diet Disorders

This is a problem related to a person’s diet. In such case people often stop eating or eat a lot when they feel empty. Some people kill their appetite because they feel like they are over-weight. That leads to extreme physical sickness and mental problems.

These people start caring about their appearance more than their health and fear body weight. Some people start excessively exercising to a point where it’s self-abuse.

Some children with developmental disabilities also start eating non eatables to calm themselves or to simply enjoy.

  1. Sleeping Issues

This is a disorder in which people either can’t sleep or they are always feeling sleepy. Another way around is that people feel restless even after sleep. Some people feel sleepy and can get sleep but there are interruptions in their sleep.

Some people even face problems like sleep walking, eating and speaking.

  1. Lack of Self Control

This is an impulse control disorder, which can make a person go berserk. This is something that can by both physically and mentally harmful for the host. However it’s not something that only affects the host as people diagnosed with this issue can hurt others too.

For instance destroying property or breaking rules and regulations, misbehaving and breaking social norms etc… They can also end up stealing for no reason at all other than a desire to do so. Some people also feel the need to turn on fire or set things on fire without decent reason.

There are more similar type of disorders that are related to “lack of control” under this major category of disorders.

  1. Material Linked Disorder

People with this type of disorder often resort to taking extreme level of materials like eatables. These people often use the abusive different self-harming substances like drugs and alcohol. They are obsessed with the intake of different substances until they feel relieved from their worldly problems.

  1. Schizophrenia

This is a condition which accompanies the host for a long time, mostly till the end of their times. However, victims can take medication to level down their issues to live a better life. The issues related to this problem include “fake reality belief” like hallucinations.

Patients can’t sometimes feel but can say or do some unthinkable or un-understandable stuff that questions their sanity.

  1. Dependent Personality Issue

This issue is related to one’s personality disorders. In such cases the patient feels like they need a lot of love and care. They fear separation and are always worried about their partners. They feel insecure and want people to always take care of them.

This makes them do stuff that induces sympathy or empathy for their self for the sake of attention.

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