It is normal to get attracted to the opposite gender in our surroundings. Most of the times we have liking or crush on someone or we want to know more about the compatibility of that person but we are hesitant to pursue due to the inhibitions created by our own mind. It is due to the lack of self-confidence or we are not sure that whether we would be able to win the heart of the person or the other way around.

So, don’t worry there are some awesome ways to chase out the way of reaching the girl you like.

Got Someone That You Like?

Learn How To Attract Women or Men That You Like

  1. Groom Yourself Well

It is a famous assumption that first impression is the last impression. Though it is not true to the full but still it has some reality. We mostly judge the person from his/her appearance. So, better groom yourself well. Not only concentrate on your dressing but on your overall appearance. Make yourself catchy in the eyes of others instead of being retaliated because of being overshadowed by your outlook.

Girls mostly want to be friendly with the boy who is known for his outlook. She herself feels confident to walk beside the person whose dressing manners are appreciated by others.


  1. Warm Gesture

Even in this modern time, many girls are hesitant enough to conversant with the opposite gender who seem to have rude gestures. So, to attract the girl of your life be sure to have a smiley face that gives the feeling of warmness to her. It will not only help in starting a friendly conversation but she will open up about herself more easily to you.

  1. Approach in Person

Whenever you want to approach a girl, make sure to approach her in person, instead of involving a third person. Interference of a third person means you are opening up a way for her to form an image about you through the second hand opinion. Never do that. Let the girl know about you herself, being struggling to know more about you, will let her to talk to you more.


  1. Leisurely Environment

The environment matters a lot. It has the great impact on the mood of the individuals. Make sure when you want to start a conversation with the girl the environment is leisure enough around her. She would not be busy, in a hurry or even tense, in this situation she would not be able to talk to you but the opposite will happen, leaving a negative impression of you.

  1. Be Confident

Before approaching a girl, you should make yourself confident enough. Shirk the negative thoughts of rejection or any other such thoughts that would hinder you from approaching her. Being rejected by someone is usual but the first step is to start a conversation instead of thinking about the long way. The simple tip is to repeat three times in your mind the magic words: ‘You are awesome, Michael’. 

  1. Offer a Helping Hand

The girls like to be friendly with the person who is ready to support them. So remain conscious of the time when she needs some help. That would be your milestone to initiate the talk. It could be not only in complex circumstances, you may lend your hand in simple tasks like I will carry the boxes for you, I will bring the file for you, I will help you to choose something, I will collect the information for you, etc. You will have many options if you would be vigilant enough.

  1. Friendly Communication

When you will offer the help, now the next step is to get to the point of initiating the conversation. But do not be overly ambitious of jumping straight to the personal questions. Instead be patient; first create a friendly relationship with her. To do that you just need to start with the small talks. You may choose any simple topic or issue from your immediate environment, with the help of which she will also contribute to it giving her own perspective.

  1. Open Ended Questions

To know about others and let the other know about you, open ended questions are the best way. With the help of those questions, not only the span of your conversation will increase but you will also be able to know more and more about a person. Open ended questions are mostly opinion and perception based, so that would definitely open a large window of knowing each other.

  1. Subtle Compliments

Girls like to be complimented a lot, that not only increase an aura of confidence in them but they also incline to spend time with such person. So, make sure not to miss any chance of passing pleasant words about her.

  1. Keep the Conversation Positive

No one like the person having negative thoughts or opinion. Everyone likes to be around a person who endow them with positive thinking to let them enjoy the beauties around. So, remain conscious of not letting your negative thoughts spoil the conversation. Remain positive to enjoy the moment.

  1. Contact Number

Yes, my friend, finally accomplishing the above steps you will be able to ask for her contact number. I am pretty sure she will not let you down. And from there you will be able to have long conversation and chance to know more.


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