Top 2 Life Coaching Certificates From Dr.Steve G.Jones and Dr. Joe Rubino

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Life Optimization Coaching Certification Program

 The Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program by Dr. Steve G. online life coaching course

top online life coaching certificaiton


Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. is a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been practicing hypnotherapy since the 1980s. He is the author of 25 books on such topics as hypnosis, the law of attraction and weight loss. Steve has also created over 9,000 hypnosis audio recordings and 22 different online certification programs, which are sold in over 140 countries.

Dr. Steve has been featured on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker as both a hypnotherapist and a millionaire. Additionally, Dr. Steve has been interviewed on CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS.

Life Optimization Coaching Certification Programtop online life coaching course

Life Optimization Coaching Certification Program


What is a Life-Optimization Coach?
Life-Optimization Coaches champion people to live their best lives by impacting the 6 Key Life Areas:

  • Health & Appearance
  • Wealth & Finances
  • Job or Business
  • Relationships
  • Personal & Spiritual Development
  • Recreation, Passions, & Hobbies (Fun)

The way that Life-Optimization Coaches impact others is by looking with them for areas where their lives are not working optimally while supporting them to put into place whatever may be missing to enhance their personal effectiveness, improve their communication, charisma and relationships, add fulfillment and meaning to life, and allow them to harness the laws of the universe to attract wealth and abundance, happiness, and passion…in other words, to live their Dream Lives!



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