Top 4 Tips to Stop and Kill the Habit of Indecisiveness

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Top 4 Tips to Stop and Kill the Habit of Indecisiveness

What are some of the top tips that you can use to Kill the Habit of Indecisiveness ?

Indecisiveness can happen on a lot of occasions. From choosing which restaurant to have for dinner to which property to invest in.

Indecisiveness is a foul habit that takes away the ability of a person to decide in time. It makes a person dependable on others and enhances their chances of failure in life. However, it’s not something that we acquired yesterday and certainly not something that will go away today.

How We Acquire The Habit of Indecisiveness?

Indecisiveness is a toxic toy that we slowly get attached to over time from our childhood. However, we aren’t alone in this awful process, our family and friends are greatly involved.

From childhood, our decisions are made by our parents and that’s because of our inability to make the right choice. Making the right decision needs experience, knowledge, and practice to take action on time.

The problem enters our small newly built market when we aren’t informed about the dynamics of those decisions. Rather a horrification of the outcome is mentioned if we are to take the decision-making into our hands.

It happens hourly or daily for us as a training exercise as if we are being trained for inter-dimensional warfare. It only results in adding, strongly enforcing, and then reinforcing the habit of indecisiveness in the foundation of our mental growth.

It becomes part of us when we make a decision and it turns out to be wrong. We are welcomed with anger, jokes, and even taunts upon our failure to make a decision.

That’s when indecisiveness completely conquers our personality.

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Conversations of Indecisive People

If your conversations sound like that or are similar, welcome aboard. You are diagnosed with the venomous habit of indecisiveness. (don’t worry we have an antidote) 🙂

Friend: Where do you want to go for breakfast?

Victim: What are you in the mood for?

So you couldn’t answer the decision, you passed it on.

Husband: Which dress do you like?

Victim: Umm, which one do you think is better?

Now, if you give a quick whirl in your memories and realize that it’s relatable. You are indecisive and in the right place if you want to get rid of this habit.

Why is it Important to Get Rid of Indecisiveness?

Some people think that it’s okay to ask others for decisions. Like what’s the issue if my husband or friend decides the place to eat? Yes, not a big deal for that but what if you can’t decide what to do in life? What to study? When to study? Which field to choose? And the list goes on.

What will you do if you want to start a business? What will you do in your job? What will you do as a parent? What will you do if your friend is indecisive too?

Dear, indecisiveness is more toxic than poison as poison only kills you once but indecisiveness will kill you every day. So realize and take action but only if you want to taste the amazing flavors of this life.

Tips to Kill the Habit of Indecisiveness

You can use various methods to get over your indecisiveness. However, the tips mentioned below “in my humble experience” will help make your perilous journey quick, effective, and easy.

Haste is the Work of Devil

Since you are new to this, be sure to take those baby steps. Assure yourself that you can work your way out of this misery. Tell yourself that every step counts and nothing are impossible.

While you are at it start making your small decisions. Like, decide which coffee place you like most. Make your own choice of clothing. Decide your basic likes and dislikes and take time and give your decisions a proper thought.

Comfort Lies in Discomfort

It will be hard to take your first decision, especially if it’s a bit on the risky side. You will feel resistance and discomfort from the nerve of your brain but remember “Comfort Lies in Discomfort”. If you want to excel then find comfort in the depths of meaningful discomfort.

If you will try to escape the horrors of hardship, the curtains of indecisiveness will halt your life. So step up and give yourself a strong push and start the decision-making from today.

Take Calculated Risks

When you will step forward, you feel like your brain is telling you to get rid of the process. You will have the urge to quickly make the decision and get rid of the process. You will want to leave the mental pressure behind.

Normally it will be okay but in life, you will have to face some instances when your decision will matter. When it will matter for your future when you the stakes will be high and profit and loss will be greater.

At such times, you will have to shift on the back foot and do some “calm mind” calculations. So you can come up with a decision that has been resulted through a proper thought process.

Only then you will be able to make risky decisions with high chances of success.

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Experience Gives You the Upper Hand

There is a huge chance that you will make decisions and they will turn out to be wrong. You will decide on something and the outcome will be scary as hell. Your mental strength will be tested many times to points where you will just want to give up.

However, those times will help you gain priceless experience and understanding. They will become your foundation to make well-calculated and accurate decisions. So stay strong and don’t give up!

Once you gain experience you will surely have “The Upper Hand”.

Don’t Worry Everything Will Be Okay

Panic is understandable in some situations but if you try to gain control over it with the right breathing and mature mindset. You will see yourself making some healthy and wealthy progress in life. You can further take suggestions from like-minded or experienced people for a better decision.

You should always listen to your impulse and sync it with the logic of the situation to feed on the benefits of both philosophy and logic. You should keep calm and practice decision-making to conquer your habit of indecisiveness.

“Indecisiveness is indeed a Pandemic of Life”




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