Top 5 Marketing Psychology Courses Online Review

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Top 5 Marketing Psychology Courses Online

Are you looking for the top online marketing psychology courses? 

With more than 30k students enrolled in these courses, you are not going to get it wrong!

Marketing is not just plain posting random photos on facebook or instagram . Marketing is alot more than this .

You need to understand consumer behaviour, what type of marketing method will trigger consumer to take action and buy your product, what colour you should use to catch consumer”s attention, understanding consumer psychology, all of these need to take into consideration, before launching your next marketing campaign.

To help you on this, i have selected the top 5 online marketing psychology courses, that could help you on making your next marketing plan near to perfect.

#1 Smart Marketing with Price Psychology

Andrew Luttrell is a Ph.d in social psychologist . His expertise is in the domain of attitudes and persuasion, he also has an extensive experience with all corners of the social psychology world.

In this marketing course , you are going to learn the six major strategies you can use to your marketing pursuits by using real data from price psychology.

Picking the Right Price: How to choose the number that will appeal most to consumers without changing your profit level.
Presenting Your Price: How to write and say your price in the most appealing ways possible.
Framing Your Price: How to communicate your price more effectively once the price is set.
Using Context to Your Advantage: How to present differently priced products together in ways that maximize profits.
Smart Discounting Practices: How to present your promotions in ways that make the deal irresistible.
Handling Extra Charges: How to most effectively present your prices when there are unavoidable additional fees to communicate.

Rating 4.6 out of 5

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#2 Marketing Psychology: How To Become A Master Of Influence

Vladimir Raykov is a Marketing Manager, Direct Response Copywriter and also an Author.
Vladimir Raykov works as a Marketing Manager in an innovative and highly developing company for software solutions.

Vladimir has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and has successfully completed courses on a Master’s level on Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Knowledge at Copenhagen Business School.

In this marketing psychology course , Vladimir focuses on 5 marketing pillars :

Marketing Pillar #1 – The Psychology Of Digital Information Product Creation

Many people built information product businesses, including myself but even if your business is not about selling digital information products, this type of products can add tremendous value to your business in many ways.

Marketing Pillar #2 The Psychology Of Pricing

One of the areas online entrepreneurs feel uncertain is the price tag of their product or service. What these entrepreneurs fail to understand is that perceived value is what matters when people make a buying decision!

Marketing Pillar #3 The Psychology Of Conversion

In this section, you will learn the most powerful psychological triggers to increase your conversions. That means more visitors will opt in when they see your squeeze page and more subscribers will buy when they see your sales page or sales video.

Marketing Pillar #4 The Psychology Of Your Marketing Funnel

Here you will discover how to apply all of the psychological triggers you’ve learned in the previous section. He will teach you in a very detailed manner how to automate your marketing and build a highly effective marketing funnel for your business that will be driving sales on autopilot!

Marketing Pillar #5 The Psychology Of Great Customer Service

In fact, it’s the beginning and if you want to increase one of the most important metrics in your business – customer lifetime value, you will have to provide great customer service.

Rating 4.3 out of 5

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#3 Marketing Psychology: How To Influence Customers To Buy Now

This is another course created by Vladimir Raykov .With over 12k or students enrolled , i am sure you will get some golden nuggets from this marketing psychology course.

In this marketing course , you will learn 5 important concept about psychology in marketing :

1. The Decoy Effect: The Economist, well-known magazine, used the decoy effect. Later test has shown that a simple tweak to the prices, customers can choose from, resulted in $3432 more revenue (cash) than with the previous pricing options.

Apple Inc constantly utilizes “decoy” prices to influence our decisions! (examples in the lectures)

2. The Rule Of Reciprocity: Why don’t you put one of the basic laws of human psychology work to your advantage? If you look at the most successful social media strategies for organic likes or followers growth, you will see that behind these strategies is the rule of reciprocity. You don’t believe? Follow 1000 people on Twitter and I guarantee that 5% to 25% will follow you back.

3. The Endowment Effect: Did you know that when you own something you tend to value it more highly than it is really worth? “Yeah, right… how can I put that to my advantage you say?” Increase the ownership of your prospects and they will be more willing to buy from you! You know many “open source” projects that are massively successful! (hint: Wikipedia)

4. The Framing Effect: This one is huge! The way you “frame” a question (or a statement) influences the responses you receive! Experts in Neuromarketing have proven that absolute numbers have much stronger impact on people! This is the reason why you hear advertisements say: “…9 out of 10 people would recommend our product to their friends…” , they don’t say: “…90% of our customers would recommend…”

5. Social Proof Concept: You want to know what’s in your prospect’s mind? Here it is: “I don’t care what you say. Prove it to me!” Authors don’t put testimonials in the beginning of their books for any other reason but to prove that their book is worth buying and reading. Bloggers don’t put subscriber counters next to an opt-in box for any other reason but to prove that many people are doing (subscribing) what you have to do! (the underlying principle of social proof!)

Rating 4.4 out of 5

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#4 Marketing Psychology: Learn To Sell With Psychology

Leon Chaudhari is a 7-Figure Entrepreneur, CEO & Bestselling Udemy Instructor
At the age of 18, he started two 7 figure businesses and three 6 figures businesses, received the Special Scientific Award from the Max Planck Society, awards from the Helmholtz Association and Martin Luther Foundation, and appeared on national television in the United States, Poland, China, and Germany!

In this marketing course , you are going to learn :

-Learn to use psychological marketing methods in order to increase your advertising ROI (return on investment).
-Understand how to increase the efficiency of Facebook ads, Instagram ads and Linkedin ads.
-Learn to use priming, reciprocity, social proof and other psychological strategies in order to get people into buying your products.
-Know how to use the tribe enemy principle in order to build long-lasting customer relationships.
-Use the foot-in-door-technique in order to sell goods more efficiently and quickly.
-Understand how to use the Baader Meinhof Phenomenon for your business.
-Know how to apply the verbatim effect in content marketing.
-Know how to use the Decoy effect, size principle and golden rule in order to make people buy your product more quickly.
-Understand how to create a sales anchor in order to make people justify for themselves why they buy your product.
-Know the psychological effects that the colors white, black, grey, orange, red, yellow, blue, green, brown and pink have on the human psych.

Rating 4.1 out of 5

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#5 Marketing Psychology – The Art of Ethical Persuasion

This course is created by MindMekka.

MindMekka is a group of motivated, like-minded professionals who share a passion for education and an appreciation for the beauty of learning.

They believe that learning, when it occurs in a real sense, enriches not only its recipients but also those around them. This is what we strive for at MindMekka.

In This Marketing Psychology Course you are going to learn:

-Learn how to use principles of psychology to connect with your target market at each stage of the buying process, thereby driving increased sales and building strong customer relationships.

-The purpose of using psychology in marketing is not to try and trick people into buying things they don’t need (although many marketers use psychology to that end). Rather, the goal is to better understand consumer’s buying behaviour, motivations and needs, and that is what this course will teach you.

-You will gain a better understanding of how your prospects and customers are thinking and this will allow you to respond more effectively to their needs.

-Gain an understanding of basic psychology and why psychological principles are so important in marketing
Discover how psychology influences the buying process.

-Be able to employ marketing tactics, based on key psychological principles, that are most appropriate and effective for your market.

Rating 4.3 out of 5

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