Top 5 Online Life Coaching Certification from Udemy


Top 5 Online Life Coaching Certification by Udemy

You might have heard this inspirational sentence that a life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness. If you are an aspiring life coach or just want to start life coaching as a career, you must keep your learning curve steep. The best thing about enrolling in an online course is that not only you get the opportunity to learn new skills, techniques, and knowledge but also you get a valuable certification that can make you stand out. Now the common problem with these courses is to find out which one is best and at the top. It can be really hectic as there are so many courses for life coaching certification that you will get tired scrolling and researching on each. But don’t worry! We have selected the top 5 life coaching certification that will benefit you in one way or the other. Let’s discuss each certification below.

  1. Transformation Life Coach Certification by Joeel and Natalie Rivera

Both the instructors of this course are among the top-rated teachers on Udemy with over 200,000 enrolled students. They are professionals in the field of life coaching with vast experience and reputation. By completing this course, you will be certified with an official life coach certification from Transformation Academy. As far as the rating is concerned, this certification has got 4.6/5 but the reviews of the enrolled students were so motivating that I could not stop myself from recommending it! Honestly, I would just say that this certification is worth enrolling.

This is a 5 stars course for sure!! This course was incredibly insightful, clear, in-depth, thoughtful, organized and way more beneficial to me both personally and professionally than I imagined it would be! Thank you so much Joeel and Natalie! I honestly can’t say enough how much I appreciate having stumbled across Udemy and this amazing course! Keep up the awesome work!!! Pneuma Kaeris


  1. Goal Setting to Success: Life Coach Certification Accredited by Joeel and Natalie Rivera

This course is offered by the same tutors as the above-mentioned one. You will get an official certification from the prestigious transformation academy after completion. In this course, you will learn the industry best practices of life coaching that will help you excel in this field. With a 4.6/5 rating and captivating reviews of the students, I would surely suggest you to enroll in this certification and become a life coaching pro!

Great course on setting goals and achieving them. I learned so much in this course that I can apply to my life and my potential clients lives. I have a sci-fi/fantasy book that I’ve been writing off and on that I never finished. Mainly because of being a perfectionist and not wanting to fail. The tools and knowledge in the course really give me confidence that I can finish my novel. Very valuable course and enjoyed going through it. Jeff Jardine


  1. Become a Successful Business Coach, Executive, or Life Coach by Alex Genadinik

If you want to become a top-notch Life Coach and earn a living doing what you love, then this is the perfect certification for you! The instructor of this certification is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and a successful life coach. He has crafted this certification as a comprehensive course to bring the best out of you. With 4.5/5 rating and amazing reviews of the enrolled students, this certification is highly recommended.

If you ever thought about becoming a coach, I would strongly recommend this course. The instructors are more than qualified and explain everything you need to know (nothing is left out)
Stoyan Vlahovski

Since the topic is very relevant to what I’m currently doing, I can say that Alex’s content stays very relevant as always. I’ve been able to apply some of his lessons to my Udemy courses and they are great. Very informative!
Jacek Pająk


  1. Essential Life Coaching Certification by Steve Payne

Are you looking for a comprehensive certification that will develop your skills from beginner to advanced level? Well, this certification is the perfect option to enroll in and hone your capabilities as a life coach. As far as the rating is concerned, it has got 4.7/5 and is surely one of the top-rated certifications of Udemy.

Fantastic course that covers everything you need to know to successfully start your life coaching journey. The videos were in depth, the tasks keep you on track and there are loads of handouts to download and refer back to. Would recommend!
Natasha Brown

This course is so much valuable to me. The way Sir Steve Payne explains is itself a lesson to be learnt. I checked upon a number of coaching courses before but can say that this one of the best. Looking forward to attend for much good lectures from him. Cleared all my doubts. Thank you!
Ritika Sarkar


  1. Life Coaching Course by Wayne Farrell

In this certification, you will learn the necessary skills and powerful techniques that will help you excel in the field of life coaching. The instructor of this course is an experienced life coach and trainer. He has put a lot of enthusiasm in crafting this masterpiece certification. With a 4.5/5 rating and amazing reviews of the enrolled students, I am recommending this course that it’s worth enrolling.

The quality of this course is outstanding. Having already achieved my NLP Practitioner certificate some years ago, I am using this course to refresh and update my Skills. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn life coaching. Anne Price



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