Top 5 Online Life Coaching Diploma On Udemy

Top 5 Online Life Coaching Diploma On Udemy

Top 5 Online Life Coaching Diploma On Udemy

Life coaching will allow you to take the life of yourself and others from good to great. If you aspire to pursue this prestigious and rewarding career, then you have to put effort in learning. Becoming certified coach will increase your reputation but the quality of the diploma you are going to take for certification and learning, will determine your success as a life coach. Here, we have selected the top 5 life coaching diploma for you to help you excel in it. Let’s get into it by reviewing each diploma one by one.


  1. Life Coaching Practitioner Diploma (Advanced to Expert) by Kain Ramsay

This course is a step by step guide that will assist you in becoming an expert life coach practitioner. The instructor of this course is a well known teacher on Udemy with vast experience in life coaching. With 4.6/5 reviews and around 2,000 students, this course is a masterpiece. If you are looking for a perfect life coaching diploma but you are confused in selecting the right one, this might be the perfect choice as it has so comprehensive and well-structured curriculum.

I am so glad I came across this course and the experential approach Kain uses. He is an excellent trainer and I could not have wished for a better training!! As I mentioned during the previous course, the demonstrations are extremely useful. I would have preferred that these demonstrations are done with someone completely independent of the trainer.
Sunita Millon

Kain Ramsay is changing lives! I’ve already been coaching clients for the past 6-7 years… but adopting a few perspectives and ideas from Kain have had a few mindblowing results in understanding a few of my clients. It was a good investment of hardly any money to be looking out of the box for non standard approaches to life coaching.
Diya Selva

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  1. Essential Life Coaching Skills Certification by Steve Payne

If you want to develop your skills to the next level and become a super effective life coach, this diploma is for you! It will not just give you the prestigious certification from Udemy but will hone your skills and knowledge. As far as the rating is concerned, this course has got 4.7/5, but the reviews of the enrolled students were so captivating that I found it highly recommended.

Outstanding! Some of the other coaching courses I’ve taken have been more about individual coaching modalities/resources – this course put it all together! Sharon Russell

This is a well compiled course, particularly I like the way the videos of Steve’s interaction with the real participants is very good feels as if in the class. Overall, I enjoyed this course, loads of contents and examples. Steve is amazing with the careful use of words and examples to keep it easy and simple to understand. As an aspiring life coach, I recommend this course. Sureshkkumar A



  1. Life Coaching: Convert Free Sessions into Paying Clients by Joeel and Natalie Rivera

This is highly valuable diploma offered by the top sellers of Udemy. It will teach you a practical approach that will help you excel in the field of life coaching. If you want to make your life coaching career financially rewarding, this course is made for you! With a 4.6/5 rating, this course is among the top-rated courses of Udemy. The reviews of the course were so amazing that I will say it’s simply worth enrolling.

This course was great! I love the courses that they offer and have not been disappointing yet. I am a holistic nutritionist and wellness coach and have been working towards my own practice. Marsha Dorsey

I enjoyed Joeel and Natalie’s course for Converting Free Sessions into Paying Clients. This course gave a ton of information that I have seen offered for close to $1000. They gave great tips on websites and apps to use in assisting scheduling clients, collecting payments, etc. Their handouts are also phenomenal and a wonderful go to resource to review the video. This course really does give you everything you need to start offering free sessions in a way that does feel salesy. Chanise Hurst



  1. Certified SMART goals – Specialist Life Coach Certificate by Matthew Barnett

The instructor of this diploma is one of the few Fully Certified NLP trainers on Udemy. He has been a successful life coach for two decades. Pouring all his experience and enthusiasm, Matt has crafted this masterpiece diploma to help you become an expert life coach. The rating of this diploma is 4.5/5.

Matt Barnett truly understands the unconscious mind. He made some things really clear for me that were a bit fuzzy. If you desire to really understand goal getting, this course will truly benefit you and your clients.  – Mikel Sanders



  1. Certified Mindfulness Life Coaching by Braco Pobric and Life Success Academy

Do you want to become a life coaching pro with a prestigious diploma? Explore this one! You will get to know all the tactics of becoming a pro life coach. With 4.7/5 rating and amazing reviews of the enrolled students, this diploma will help you excel in the field of life coaching. Don’t look any further if you are stuck in choosing the right diploma of life coaching, go and enroll in this one and thank me later!


This course is very interesting. All the informations are given with precise explanations. It allows to integrate much more mindfulness in your life while you are in a studying process to acquire more knowledge to be able to coach. It has really been really a life changing experience.
– Sonia DORINA

Very systematic explanation of the mindfulness process, methods its practice and coaching. Listening to Braco Pobric himself is a great experience with his excellent clarity and influencing conviction. It’s a must to undertake course for learning about mindfulness for self or for coaching. The comprehensive course makes you totally understand the intricacies of mindfulness, roles and responsibilities of a Coach, and instils confidence for going ahead as a Mindfulness Coach. Thanks.
– Pranav Kumar


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