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During our grand parent/parent era , work hard is the main key to success . However , when the internet hit us on year 1990 things have changed  . Working hard is no longer to key to success  , working smart and be innovative is the main 2 keys to success (of course working hard also will be part of the equation) .





There are tonnes of brain training programme out there that claim that able to make you more creative , increase memory and some even claims to be able to “Activate” the inactive brain area . Does this brain training  really works ? Oh ya , and most of this brain training programme will cost you a year or at least a 6 months salary . Yeah , you need to invest shit load of money before getting your brain work smart and innovative .

So back to the questions , does this brain training work really works ? I would say yes .Does this brain training worth the price ? I would say HELL NO!

In Psychodemy we are good at digging the best course with a very affordable price to all of our readers .

Top Online Brain and Training Courses


Become a SuperLearner® 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory

The original course to learn faster & more easily using the skills of the worlds fastest readers & memory record holders .

What you’ll learn :

  • Learn to read roughly 3 times the speed of an average college graduate, with above-average comprehension and retention.
  • Master the exact same skills that win World Championships in Memorization – skills that can teach you to memorize thousands of data points in order.
  • Learn how to process and internalize information in a highly-effective way, and how to apply this teaching to any skill you wish to learn

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has ever wished they could learn more effectively
  • People who love to learn
  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Hobbyists

Superlearner 2 Review:4.3/5

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TOP #2 5 Day Memory Mastery: Learn to Memorize Anything With Ease

Discover the neuroscience-based memory techniques & mnemonics used by world champions in an ultra-condensed crash course .

What you’ll learn :

  • Understand the basics of memory and how your brain works
  • Discover the neuroscientifically-proven techniques used by world champions
  • Test your memory – and then watch it improve by 200-300%!
  • Learn and remember long lists of items – in order!
  • Memorize phone numbers, credit cards, and any other string of numbers
  • Learn & remember bible verses, speeches, or quotes – fast!
  • Learn & remember names and faces with ease
  • Have confidence in your ability to memorize new information, easily

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to improve their memory dramatically
  • Anyone who has always wanted to be able to remember more, with ease

Review :4.2/5

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TOP 3# Genius Brain Power (MP3 Audio Brain Training Programme)

Discover How to Quickly & Easily Train Your Brain for Clarity and Power With any MP3 Player so You Can Sky-Rocket Your IQ, Melt Away Stress, Boost Your Creativity, Your Energy, Your Focus and Have More Peace of Mind with Genius Brain Power.

Discover How to Quickly & Easily Train Your Brain for Clarity and Power With any MP3 Player so You Can Sky-Rocket Your IQ, Melt Away Stress, Boost Your Creativity, Your Energy, Your Focus and Have More Peace of Mind with Genius Brain Power.

Brainwave Entrainment guides the brain into a specific frequency using computer generated rhythmic pulses of sound.

Brainwave entrainment makes meditation easy
By exposing the brain to special computer generated tones that are pulsed at a specific frequency, the brain will synchronize its own electrical impulses to that same frequency.

This means the brain becomes “entrained” to (matched to) the specific frequency of the pulses, which gives you the ability to choose the primary frequency you want to experience in your brain.

By guiding your brain into higher (faster) frequency brainwave patterns, you can experience the kind of “whole brain functioning” that was once only available to natural born geniuses.

By guiding the brain into deeper (slower) frequency brainwave patterns, you can induce a profoundly deep state of relaxation and meditation with almost no effort.

This means YOU can begin to effortlessly experience the benefits of years of meditation in just a few weeks, simply by using Genius Brain Power’s “top-secret” brain upgrade methods.

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TOP#4 Introduction to Neuroeconomics: How the Brain Makes Decisions

Neuroeconomics provides biologists, economists, psychologists and social scientists with a deeper understanding of how they make their own decisions and how others decide. Neuroscience, when allied with psychology and economics, creates powerful new models to explain why we make decisions. Neurobiological mechanisms of decision-making, decisions under risk, trust and cooperation will be central issues in this course. You will be provided with the most recent evidence from brain-imaging techniques (fMRI, TMS, etc.) and introduced to the explanatory models behind them.

The course does not require any prior study of economics and neuroscience; however, it might require you to study novel interdisciplinary materials. The course provides an introduction to the methodology, assumptions, and main findings of Neuroeconomics. Our students have different backgrounds; therefore, I have adapted and simplified the course to allow all students to understand the interdisciplinary content. This course will help you to start your progress in the field of Neuroeconomics and to further develop your skills during other more advanced courses and trainings in the future. For some topics, the course will also provide supplementary videos to reveal the opinions of leading experts in the field. Each module provides optional reading material.

REVIEW :4.7/5

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TOP 5# Empower Your Brain With Neurogenesis

Brain Training: Use neurogenesis and neuroplasticity to improve your brain, mental strength and sharpness

What you’ll learn :

  • Understand the concept of Neurogenesis and how to use it.
  • Understand the three different types of activities that will stimulate or harm our neurogenesis
  • Practice a full range of exercises in order to stimulate new brain cell creation
  • Apply a simple 30 days action plan to stimulate your own neurogenesis

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with an interest in Brain Science
  • Anyone who wants to keep a healthy brain
  • Anyone who wants to remain mentally sharp and strong
  • Individuals looking for Personal Development

Review :4.8/5

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TOP 6 # Become Smarter: Emotional Intelligence, Logic, Wisdom & More

Boost your IQ, emotional intelligence (EQ), wisdom, creativity, memory, learn philosophy and logic & be more worldly

What you’ll learn:

  • Raise your emotional intelligence
  • Become wiser
  • Learn logic and understand how to use philosophy
  • Get a combination of tactics to get smarter and get ahead at work and in society
  • Manage emotionally difficult work and social situations more effectively
  • Handle stress better
  • Have better days emotionally
  • Manage your emotional states, be happier, have more positive and less negative emotional states

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to be smarter
  • People who are looking to improve themselves
  • People interested in the full scope of what it means to be intelligent
  • People interested in emotional intelligence, IQ, wisdom, and being more worldly

Review :4.1/5

TOP 7 # Building a Better Brain. Building a Better You.

The ultimate guide to improving yourself by improving your brain.

What you’ll learn :

  • Control the brain’s overreactive strategies to potential threats by understanding the fundamentals of how your brain works
  • Learn the fundamentals of the brain’s inner-workings to effectively deal with stress and anxiety
  • Learn skills designed to target specific brain regions to shift from being reactive, subjective and problem-oriented to being more reflective, objective and solution-oriented
  • Apply the key-findings of brain-science and cognitive psychology to effectively coach, manage and lead people
  • Learn to build, maintain and manage cohesive teams based on the latest finding of the social brain by using brain-based coaching and communication skills
  • Find a sense of confidence, certainty and clarity when facing personal or professional storms and to effectively move forward and grow
  • Your confidence will grow through the understanding that you don’t have to blindly-react to the brain’s survival strategies, but that you have a choice and can ‘tame & train’ your brain to employ more proactive and constructive strategies to deal with perceive threats and demanding situations
  • Your certainty will increase wit the confidence of knowing what you need to do in order to manage yourself, others and difficult situations
  • Your clarity will brighten from knowing how to engage the part of the brain that allows you to be objective, reflective, decisive and solution-oriented

Who this course is for:

  • Coaches and managers who want to compliment their existing skills with a deeper knowledge of the brain and cognitive psychology skills
  • People who have an interest in self development and growth
  • People who want to learn to deal effectively with their stress and anxiety
  • People who want to learn pragmatic and effective cognitive tools to ‘tame and train’ their brains
  • People who are curious about the inner workings of the brain and why certain psychological skills are so effective
  • People who want a practical understanding of the brain-based science and effective psychological tools
  • Professionals who want to sharpen their skills to communicate clearly and build cohesive, functional teams
  • Professionals who want to help coach and manage their people through difficult situations and change


Enroll in Building a Better Brain. Building a Better You.

TOP#8 Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

This course gives you easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports, and many other disciplines. We’ll learn about the how the brain uses two very different learning modes and how it encapsulates (“chunks”) information. We’ll also cover illusions of learning, memory techniques, dealing with procrastination, and best practices shown by research to be most effective in helping you master tough subjects.

Using these approaches, no matter what your skill levels in topics you would like to master, you can change your thinking and change your life. If you’re already an expert, this peep under the mental hood will give you ideas for: turbocharging successful learning, including counter-intuitive test-taking tips and insights that will help you make the best use of your time on homework and problem sets. If you’re struggling, you’ll see a structured treasure trove of practical techniques that walk you through what you need to do to get on track. If you’ve ever wanted to become better at anything, this course will help serve as your guide.

Review :4.8/5

Enroll in Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects


10X POWER Focus: Maximize Your Brain

Your ULTIMATE Brain Training On Maximizing Focus, Productivity And Learning … based on Neuroplasticity & Neuroscience

What you’ll learn

  • #1 Best Selling FOCUS Course for High Achievers on Udemy!
  • How to create a system that can adapt to your changing needs so that you focus on your job, whatever it is, whenever you need to and wherever you are.

  • What are the MAJOR 8 Strategies to dramatically improve your concentration.

  • 7 habits of mind and foundational concepts that will serve you for a lifetime.
  • How to move specific ideas/projects ahead quicker and easier.
  • What it takes to be more productive and committed.
  • Achieve quicker the results that you really want.
  • Implement the 6 Step Process in organizing and processing your goals.
  • Get Exclusive Access to Eight of the MOST EFFECTIVE Concentration Exercises.
  • How to improve your reading comprehension and retention using concentration.
  • Top 8 benefits of having a better concentration when learning.
  • How to create the right habits you desire.
  • How to use focus to lead your life as an achiever.
  • How to break from the chains of distractions.
  • How to become a master of time management.
  • Strengthen your focus.
  • Take focused action and achieve breakthrough results.
  • Get focused on what’s most important to you.
  • Define your priorities and take action aligned with these.
  • How to acquire and grow skills using concentration.
  • How to re-frame a failure and never give up.
  • Discover the Strategic Learning Process.
  • Why you need to set long-term goals and constantly be thinking about the future.
  • Have exclusive access to EIGHT of the MOST EFFECTIVE Concentration Exercises.
  • How to maintain your focus and ELIMINATE all the distractions from your life.

REVIEW: 4.6/5

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