What Is Behaviour Psychology – Behaviour Psychology

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What Is Behaviour Psychology - Behaviour Psychology

What is behaviour psychology – Behaviour Psychology

What Is The Meaning Of Behaviour?

In a simple psychology terms,  behaviour  can be explained as the way in which an organism (animal or person ) behaves in response to a particular situation or stimulus.

It is basically the response of the organisms , to various stimuli or inputs, whether internal or external, conscious or subconscious, overt or covert, and voluntary or involuntary.

What Is Behaviour Psychology

Behaviour psychology is a branch of psychology, which study about the observable behaviour, with the belief that all human activities, from feeling an emotion to performing a physical task, are forms of behaviour .

Behaviour Psychology claims that all behaviour is learned through conditioning , or what behaviour psychologist called , behaviourism.

The Concept Behind Behaviour Psychology

The main concept behind this concept is that, human acquire their behaviour by interacting with their environment through classical conditioning or operant conditioning  .

What Is Behaviourism ?

Behaviourism  founded by John B. Watson . According to John B.Watson , behaviours can be measured, trained and changed.

Based on behaviour theorists ,learning can be define as nothing more than the gaining of new behaviour based on environmental conditions.

Characteristic Of Behaviour Psychology:

1. Behaviour can be conditioned and determined by its own outcomes or consequences (rewards and punishments).
2. Human behaviour can be judge ,observe and examine by researching on animal behavior.
3. Only behaviours that are  observable and measurable are worth investigating .
4. If you want someone to change , instead of changing their thinking pattern , you hould focus on changing their  behaviour

The Science Of Behaviour

Behaviourists suggest that the science of behaviour should be psychology , despite that many psychologists reject the idea that psychology is a science at all .
Watson also viewed humans as machines. By combining 4 major system ,  Watson effectively  form his own system of behaviourism .These 4 systems include :
1. Objectivism
2. Mechanism
3. Animal psychology
4. Functional psychology

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