What to Do When My Boy friend Says He Need Space To Find Himself?

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What to Do When My Boy friend Says He Need Space To Find Himself?

“needed space” and “find himself”👈 is just another way of saying “lets break up” , but I am coward to say it out.

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No offence most men are coward.

We are coward when come to dealing with a broken relationship. When a men no longer love her , he will find a lot of excuses to avoid direct saying the 2 evil words “break up “ .

The most common excuses that men use as the “synonym” for break up are :

  1. I want to focus on my career
  2. I want to focus on my study
  3. I want to have more personal space
  4. I don’t think I can commit to a relationship
  5. I am not financially ready for a relationship
  6. We don’t match
  7. I don’t have any feeling towards you anymore

My suggestion to you is to dig a bit deeper, he really needs more space or he just needs more space to fit another girl in .

Life is not just about couple relationship. A lot of people fall into the trap that, after break up with their partner, they seems like lost direction some even worst, lost the meaning of life.

Think about it, your parents raised you up and spent so much time and effort loving you. And now, because of breaking up with someone that you together with for like 2-3 years, and now you feel like dying?

Seriously? Your parent spend 10, 20 years raising you up, how much love have you given to them?


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